Too Much Stuff!

Hey, gang!

As the Home by Dark Compendium grows closer, I have some interesting news:

There’s too much stuff!

There’s currently about twice as much content as was in the original Home by Dark book! We’ve currently got 12 playsets and 4 essays, with a 13th playset and 2 more essays to go. It’s a lot of stuff for one book!


I’m looking at splitting it into two volumes. This will help keep the cost of each book down and allow people to purchase the content that they’re most interested in. Volume 1 will consist of non-variant playsets and include essays about facilitating sessions and general play. Volume 2 will consist of variant rules, variant playsets, and essays about deeper gameplay techniques.

At least, that’s the thought. I’d love to hear from you, the fans, about what you’d like to see. Do you prefer a giant compendium with a higher price tag, or multiple volumes at a lower price tag? Are there things you’d like to see in these books that haven’t been mentioned yet? Please let me know!

We’re getting close to the Kickstarter! I’m super pumped!

Talk again soon!

- Jason