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Protagonist Industries is a member of the Bits & Mortar publisher coalition

What does that mean?

It means that if you buy a physical book of ours from a real, brick & mortar store at full price, we'll give you the PDF.

We love local gaming stores and want to support their continuing success. We also love our fans and don't want to force them to choose between buying a bundle online or picking up our books at their friendly local game store.

Now you don't have to choose!

How do I get my free PDF copy?

Super easy! First, we need to confirm your purchase. Drop us a line (or have your FLGS do it) at bits AT protagonist DOT industries and show us your proof of purchase. Scanned purchase receipts are the best way to do this, but we'll take the word of your FLGS as equivalent. And while you're at it, tell us where you bought the book!

Head over to Bits & Mortar and find out who else offers free PDFs together with the books you buy from your FLGS!