Coming this Fall on Kickstarter: The Home by Dark Compendium

Happy Fourth of July!

For many, it’s a time for celebration. Cookouts, hangouts, and fireworks.

Here at PI headquarters, we’re celebrating with a Stranger Things season 3 marathon! Burgers, buds, and binging — that’s how we roll!

With that in mind, there’s no better day to announce the Home by Dark Compendium!


This book will compile all 12 of our monthly playsets, as well as a bonus as-of-yet-unreleased playset! This tome will also include essays about storytelling and organizational techniques to help improve your Home by Dark experience, including tips on how to facilitate the game at cons!

The Kickstarter for the Home by Dark Compendium will launch this fall, with more details coming after GenCon.

Until then, ride your bike and keep your walkie-talkie close!

  • Jason