Our Home by Dark Playset for July is Now Available!

Hey gang!

Our Home by Dark July Playset of the Month, Backwater, is now available on DriveThruRPG! It's our homage to one of our favorite films, The Goonies!


It’s the summer of 1985. School ended last week and summer vacation has begun. It’s a time to create new memories and hang out with your friends … since this may be your last summer with them. Times are tough. Most people in your neighborhood, mockingly dubbed “Backwater,” are behind on their house payments and a large development group has convinced the bank to foreclose on them. If they can’t scrape together the money to catch up on their payments by Friday, you’ll all be evicted.

As fortune would have it, you and your friends have stumbled onto clues to the vast buried treasure of Three-Leg Oleg, the cane-bound mob kingpin. Though it’s unlikely that his treasure actually exists, it’s the only chance your family has to keep your home. Unfortunately, following the clues has led to you crossing paths with Oleg’s criminal descendants while they lay low from the law and they have no problem shutting you and your friends up permanently to keep their whereabouts secret.

In addition, this playset also introduces a new variant rule: The Secret as Goal! Rather than protecting a person or creature, this variant rule allows players to choose a Goal as a Story Pillar. Now you can search for hidden treasure, build a giant robot, or seek to find your missing sibling!

Let us know what you think!

- Jason