We got a playset and a survey

Hey gang!

Our November playset of the month is out! It's a fantasy set called Pleas of the Goddess. This playset is a little more abstract than most playsets. It focuses less on the plot and focuses on the design of the player's characters. Consider this one a little bit of an experiment. Here's a little blurb about it:

Long ago, there was a goddess. Her name was Yashema, and she protected the fertile lands of Lemeyah. Prosperity was all the farmers of Lemayah knew. Those who toiled in the fields knew only contentment and happiness. Then one day, the peace of the countryside was shattered when a man from a distant land attempted to slay Yashema.

Olem, the greatest smith in the world, had asked Yashema to help his sick son. She said that she could not. It was his time to pass. This enraged Olem. He returned home and forged the sharpest blade ever made. He then returned to Yashema and demanded that she heal his child, or he would slay her where she stood. She still could not. Olem then struck Yashema and sundered her
in two. The world was blinded by a single powerful lightning clap. Thunder rolled through the valley.

As the light subsided, Olem awoke and found that there was no trace of the goddess he struck down. Fearing she had avoided the blow, he now searches for her. She will help his son, and he will not miss her twice. What Olem doesn’t know is that his strike was true. He cleaved Yashema in two. This did not slay her. Instead, she is now two aspects: Wy, her aspect of peace, and Teshik, her aspect of wrath.

Teshik, free of her celestial prison as part of Yashema, now roams the land. She stands as tall as a tree and happily destroys all within her path. Her power is great, and her appetite for destruction is endless.

Wy has awoken in a small village. Olem’s cut was not even, leaving her as a sliver to her sister aspect. Another stroke of that vorpal sword will end her, but the danger will not stop her purpose. Teshik must be contained. Wy will seek her out and rejoin with her, becoming their true self once more.

She will need some help…

Pleas to the Goddess - PI1016-1.jpg

In addition to the release, we've also put out a survey to see what people want for next year. It's short (9 questions) and only takes a couple of minutes to fill out. Please take a moment to do so and help us plan next year!

You can find the survey here.

That's it for now!

Thanks, guys!

- Jason