PAX West, Day 4: Grand Finale!

Here we go! Last game of PAX West!

This game was late fall in a high fantasy town called Merchwood. A crazy merchant and a pair of youngsters discover a baby dragon by the name of Ember. Well, the kids discovered the dragon. The merchant was more interested in selling the dragon.

Ember vs the Paladins

Ember vs the Paladins

Ember was a sweet little creature, but hand a tendency to cause a little unintended mischief due to... you know... fire. The local Paladins, lead by Captain Reggie, heard rumors of dragons in the area and wanted to kill them all for the safety of everyone.

What the paladins and the kids (and the selfish merchant) didn't know was that mom and dad were nearby wreaking havoc looking for Ember. As we sought out ways to find Ember's home, we had to hide the dragon from the Paladins, lie to the outright, and sneak around to keep it safe.

Meanwhile, the merchant was attempting to broker deals to sell the dragon. After all, if he sold the dragon then the paladins won't find it. Right? Sure, that's how it works.

It all came to a head in town as the paladins came into town as the kids were hiding Ember. Just as Ember was spotted, mom and pop dragon also flew into town. They weren't too happy with the paladins attempting to harm their baby.

After they were routed. the merchant was more than happy to help the kids hand over Ember. After all, he was just going to sell the dragon to someone that could bring him to his family. Yup. That's his story and he's sticking to it.

It was a great final game of the con and fun was had by all. We ended up with three players, which was also a great way to test smaller games. This session was particularly invaluable and helped forge much of what are now the 3 player variant rules for Home by Dark. When you and 2 other players are enjoying a session of HBD, you can thank these guys for some of the sanity checks!

- Jason